ECOTRON EXU-P1200 is a mobile x-ray system that is easily and operated for unmatched imaging versatility. EXU-P1200 to the next level providing an optimum mix of power, Ultra light, Compact size, Wireless/Wire PC interface, Wireless /Wire Hand & Foot switch, and 8 channel APR modes.

The machine rolls smoothly from room to room. The base is counterweighted and stable, eliminating the need for long legs that get in the way and take up space. Vertical travel of the tube head allows for simple positioning for weight bearing radiography on the floor or for taking non-weight bearing views over a wheelchair, exam chair or operating table.


Podiatry Podiatry Podiatry

Output Power

1.2 kW
Input Power Voltage 100 V-120V / 220V-240V
Phase & Frequency

Single / 50/60 Hz

Radiography kV Range 40kV ~ 80kV
MAs Range

0.4mAs -80mAs, 24steps

Max. kV Deviation

±5 %

Max. mAs Deviation

±3 %

Indication KV (error code) /mAs: 7-segment LED
X-ray Tube Model Name D-0813SB TOSHIBA
Focal Spot 0.8mm
Target Angle 16 degree
Anode Heat Storage 10 kHU
Heat Dissipation 300 HU/sec
Total Filtration

2.5 mm Al eq. @ 80kV

Compensation for the Supply Power Regulations


Collimator with
  Laser Pointer


Double slit type, Manually operation

Min. X-ray Field Size

5cm x 5cm  @1m SID

Max X-ray Field Size

40cm x 40cm  @ 75cm SID

Laser Pointer

Class : A 5mW


12V 50W Halogen


See drawing Fig- (460mmx250mmx200mm)


9 Kg (19.8lbm.)